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150 years

Message from H.E. President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa

I am pleased to send this message of felicitations to the Colombo Malay Cricket Club on the occasion of their 150th Anniversary commemoration.  I note with appreciation that a sporting institution such as yours has been able to continue for such a long period since 1872 while continuing to be highly active. The Colombo Malay Cricket Club has played an important role in laying the foundation of cricket in Sri Lanka and today the country is recognized as a great cricketing nation second to none.  Being the oldest Sri Lankan cricket club, your encouragement and promotion of the game has been recognized with much respect.  Sport is an important part of a youth’s life which helps to build healthy, disciplined citizens.  I wish the Colombo Malay Cricket Club every success in its endeavor to build sporting citizens and wish them the very best in their 150th year anniversary celebrations.

Message from Hon. Minister of Youth and Sports Namal Rajapaksa

It gives me great pleasure to send this message and these greetings to the Colombo Malay Cricket Club who will be commemorating their sesquicentennial Anniversary this year.  Founded in 1872, Colombo Malay Cricket Club is known to be the oldest Sri Lankan Cricket Club to date.  As you all know, Cricket is by far one of the most successful and most followed sports in the country.  The game is played in every district of our country and enjoyed by all walks of life.  It is our nations pride to have produced some of the world’s most talented players over the years.  The Colombo Malay Cricket Club has been a great contributor to the game over the years both on the field and off, playing an important role in the administration of the sports as well.   Contributing immensely to the national body of the SLC and enabling them to steer the sport to the highest echelons of world sport.  Sport is by far one of the greatest tools to unite communities and renew hope in the hearts of people.  It is a tool for change, and I am grateful to note that the Colombo Malay Cricket Club is now expanding its sporting portfolio with new sports such as Hocket, Sepak Takraw, Rugby and Netball.  Providing the youth in the area with many options to showcase their talents and their skills.  Sport is an integral part of character development and I believe is one of the4 best ways to teach discipline, commitment, and teamwork to the youth of our nation.  It is a good outlet for youth to channel their skills and their time.  I am very grateful to the Colombo Malay Cricket Club and its management for expanding the horizon and looking beyond their limitations to provide the youth of the country a safe place to further develop their skills and talents.  I wish the Colombo Malay Cricket Club a memorable 150th Anniversary and I applaud them for the development of the sport of cricket, as well as to the youth of our nation.


Message from President of the Sri Lanka Cricket Shammi Silva

It’s a great honour to deliver a message at this moment of historic significance of the Colombo Malay Cricket Club.  Reaching the milestone of 150 years of existence is not only a celebratory occasion for the Club but also a moment of glory to the Sri Lankan Cricket fraternity, at the Club is regarded as the first Ceylonese Cricket Club in the country.  History shows the formation of the Malay Club, which is presently a Controlling Club of Sri Lanka Cricket, goes back to a historic cricketing encounter played between an All-Malay team and British Regimental side on March 23rd, 1872.  Since such beginnings, the club has come a long way in terms of cricket and also in conducting other sporting activities such as Rugby, Hocket, Netball and Sepak Takraw.  I take this opportunity to wholeheartedly wish the Club to continue its iconic journey and to be a part of shaping our cricket destiny, which I am sure, it will. Sri Lanka Cricket is pleased to associate ourselves with the Colombo Malay Cricket Club on this long journey of mutual progress.

Message from President of the Colombo Malay Cricket Club Rizwan Badoordeen

I am honoured to send this message on behalf of the Colombo Malay Cricket Club commemorating its 150th Anniversary.  It is a unique occasion indeed to reach this major milestone having gone through the test of time.  A special recognition to our predecessors for their resilience and determination to ensure the club flag flies high.  Pioneers in the game of cricket, having been formed in 1872, the CMCC has shouldered the game since its formative years and was an integral part of the foundation of formal cricket in Sri Lanka. Our sincere appreciation to the cricketing fraternity for their continuous support in this memorable journey.

Message from President of the Sri Lanka Malay Association Rilwan Lantra

It is with much pleasure I send the message of felicitation on the commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Colombo Malay Cricket Club.  An admirable achievement for a sporting institution to have sustained such a long period, having gone through different eras and challenges during this journey.  The elders of the CMCC were instrumental in the formation of the SLMA during the Golden Jubilee year and coincidently SLMA commemorated its Centenary in January this year.  We convey our warmest greetings and good wishes to the CMCC on this significant occasion and may their next jubilee be another glorious chapter.

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